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The Traditions Difference

Our Culture

It’s truly about the relationships generated in our communities. We have committed to employee policies, procedures, practices and training that demonstrate our deep respect for our staff, while maintaining very high standards. Our focus is to cultivate highly functioning management teams at the property level that execute these systems, which result in quality leadership. Ultimately, staff members that genuinely feel they are supported and respected will perform at very high levels, creating a positive environment and best care possible.

Our Philosophy

We feel our communities create an environment for our residents to lead a healthy and productive life. We seek to engage our residents in spiritual, educational, social and physical activities that are resident-centered and resident-led.  Our dining program provides not only key nutrition and delicious options, but serves as a focus for social interaction. We place “chit chat” cards for the purpose of initiating and stimulating conversation.

Our Management System

With so much that goes on at the properties, it is critical that there is a delineation of staff duties. We employ a considerable amount of checklists in order to remind staff of their assignments that they are accountable completing. In addition, we have extensive quality assurance and customer satisfaction programs. Measuring compliance and using this as a method to enhance and train is part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Delivering Superior Results

Superior results start with developing the right culture. Our management philosophy is based deeply in respect. In keeping with our philosophy, we foster an environment that is conducive to achieving our goal of respect. Respect is found at all levels: staff, residents, families, owners, professional associates, and community-at-large.

By treating our staff, residents and families, owners, and the community at large with demonstrable methods of respect, our environment is conducive to achieving our goals. Simply, if our staff does not truly feel they are respected, how can we expect them to serve our customers with respect? Our operating policies support this premise, several ways are described below.

Seniors staying active by gardening