Traditions’ Resident of the Month: Gib

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Our Traditions Resident of the Month for May is Gib, pictured below with Wes Bartlett, CEO, and Amanda Arnouk.

Gib, Resident at Traditions of Spring Hill

Gib and Marge are high school sweethearts and have been happily married for the past 64 years. Marge asked Gib to be her date for the Sadie’s Hawkins dance, and this rest was history. “We’re more in love now than as the day we met.” They have 6 children, 9 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. Their secret to such a successful marriage? “Listen to each other. Don’t go to bed without a kiss and a positive attitude.” After all this time, they now choose to call Traditions of Spring Hill their home.

After speaking to Gib, it’s evident how important it is to be able to call Traditions his home. Traditions is not the first assisted living they’ve lived in, but through re-evaluating their priorities and learning from experience, Gib and Marge have now found their home at Traditions.

Gib’s advice for anyone who is considering a move into assisted living?

“Always ask questions. You need to do your research.” After living at another community, he quickly learned what was important to him. At his previous community, the blinds were flimsy and the windows weren’t  clean. “If you can’t see out the window, how well are you running other aspects of the business?” When Gib did his research on Traditions, he paid attention to the details.  He also asked residents living in other places what they like and don’t like.  He said it’s really about how one feels in a community and the trust placed in its leadership.

Experience at Traditions of Spring Hill So Far?

Gib and Marge now live on beautiful and spacious grounds with quality built into every detail. Gib pointed out how even the wooden blinds and cupboards are beautiful.

“The quality of the structure, [it’s] far above others.” They love the rooms and the closet space because of how roomy it is. Individual heating and cooling are a great bonus, too. But the real key according to Gib: “it feels like home, not a hotel.”

Even though he loves the facilities, it still wasn’t his number one reason for choosing Traditions. It’s because we listen. We hear what he wants. Gib knew everyone on our team by name.

“Both Holly and Bev are very professional and helpful. [They] weren’t high powered sales. They listened to what we wanted and understood.”

We’re so happy that Gib and Marge are loving Traditions, but more importantly, we’re happy to be their home.


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