Senior Assisted Living Communities: A Typical Day

Grandparents with babies

Often times we’re asked about what a typical day might look like at Traditions Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities. We’d love to share with you what that looks like.  While nothing is mandatory, our Program and Activities Calendar is filled with something for everyone.  Our focus is total wellness – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social.

A morning begins with receiving assistance needed (such as bathing, medication assistance, personal hygiene, dressing, ambulation to the dining room) and breakfast.  Mornings might consist of transportation to the doctor’s office, shopping or to a local event.  Wellness exercise is offered daily.  Classes include chair yoga, gentle stretching, core strength, walking club and chair aerobics to lively music.

Catch up on current world events, then check out music therapy or an educational informational session.  Like to play games? Before lunch, we have Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Stretch-n-Tone, and Brain Teasers! We’ll go on an excursion after lunch, or you can stay in for either a movie matinee or crafts. Other afternoon activities include Men’s Club, Book Bees, and Bingo! Our residents may be planning a holiday event, fundraiser or intergenerational activity.  You may find them gathered in the bistro working on decorations and raffle prizes.

After dinner and social hour, we’ll watch sports or a movie on the big screen.  For residents who need assistance, it is provided throughout the day.  Should an urgency arise, emergency pull chords are in every apartment’s living area and bathroom.

Guests are always welcome.  For resident safety, we ask all guests sign in and out of the community each time they visit.  Assisted Living Residents are free to come and go.  We ask they sign in and out.  Family is asked to do the same when bringing loved ones out of the memory care neighborhoods.

At Traditions, we want to give you the options. Our goal is to empower seniors to remain as independent and engaged as possible in a dignified setting. If you still have any questions, we’d love to help answer them.

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