A Simple Act of Heart Makes a Huge Impact

by Julie Podewitz, Chief Marketing Officer

Traditions Senior Living

My 87-year-old father was alone on Christmas.  He lives in Florida and until he moves to Tennessee to be closer to us next month, he is, by all accounts, alone.  My brothers and I call him regularly and have asked friends to stop by, but I was concerned that his Christmas was going to be a lonely one for him.

My dad is a bit of a loner; a solitary man who does not reach out for help and does not have a large network of friends.  He’s probably typical of many older adults, especially single men of his generation.  I called him yesterday fully expecting a sad, depressing call.  Imagine my delight when instead, he shared this story.

“Guess what happened this morning?  I heard a knock on my door.  I didn’t know who it was. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I almost didn’t answer.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and there was a woman standing there holding a huge gift basket full of goodies.  Cookies, cakes, candy, treats, balloons, a nice card.  It made my entire Christmas.  I didn’t recognize her at first.  She is Anita, the lady who delivers my newspaper.  She told me she knew I was alone on Christmas and drove from her home to make my day special.  I think she lives over 20 miles away. I can’t believe she did this for me”

Instead of a sad, depressing call, it was a delightful one.  My dad’s Christmas was happy, all due to the kindness of a stranger who remembered he was alone.

For all of you who reach out to someone who is alone, especially our older adults, I want to thank you.  Not only does it impact the person you touch, but many people who may not have the chance to personally thank you.

So, to Anita.  Thank you.  You made my father’s Christmas.  And mine.

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