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Third-Party Management

It's our business to manage your senior living project.

We create highly desirable communities by treating all stakeholders, including investors, staff, residents and their families, with respect. By being a key resource for senior-related issues, as well as taking an active role in the local community, our properties become highly desirable in a competitive market.

Management Systems

We feel strongly that our staff has the duty, right and responsibility to professionally express their opinions, observations, concerns and ideas.  Our management teams keep open lines of communication and clearly delineate facility and departmental goals in a prescribed manner.

With so much that goes on at the properties, it is critical that there is a delineation of staff duties. We employ a considerable amount of checklists in order to remind staff of their assignments that they are accountable completing. In addition, we have extensive quality assurance and customer satisfaction programs. Measuring compliance and using this as a method to enhance and train is part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our 360 Perfomance Evalution Process is another example of how we respect our staff.  When evaluating a staff member, those who interact with that employee are interviewed for their input and feedback.  In doing so, this useful information is synthesized into a workable action plan to improve performance while creating an environment that each staff member is accountable to each other, regardless of their role or responsibility.

As part of our stewardship of the properties, the leadership of Traditions will visit the properties weekly. This is not to micro manage, but to support our facility leadership team. Traditions leaders will meet with the Marketing Team during a detailed weekly marketing meeting to review progress, challenges, advertising, and marketing data to make sure we are nimble and effective in our efforts to drive the census. Achieving a full census validates our high quality and satisfaction, and maximizes financial outcome.

Financial Accountability

We recognize that many supervisors and managers may not have been trained in budgeting and financial management.  Traditions implements simple-to-use “Departmental Spend-Down Sheets” that mimic a checkbook.  Each manager uses this to gauge where they are during the month in order to effectively manage their inventory and resources.  The managers meet with the Executive Director weekly, uninterrupted, to review the status of their spend down sheets, as well as any personnel or departmental challenges in a non-threatening environment. Managers will be responsible for developing the annual budget for their respective department. All capital requests will go through the Executive Director and approved by Traditions leadership.  All owners will receive a monthly financial statement that includes a P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

Traditions Senior Living’s Mission

To acquire and develop, as well as to own, operate, market and manage, an innovative and dignified residential community. Traditions will provide a safe, comfortable and respectful environment for the residents, and create programs that will help inspire all of the seniors in each community to live a more fulfilling life.

To identify locations in our targeted markets where Traditions Senior Living can establish and maintain a competitive advantage.

To establish close working relationships and strategic partnerships with local hospitals, physicians, churches, colleges, businesses and area agencies working with seniors.

To establish close working relationships and strategic partnerships with medical office and hospital developers to enable Traditions Senior Living to develop its facilities in a campus-like setting where residents can have access to the services they need.

To attract and retain qualified professionals at each community as well as members of the Traditions Senior Living corporate team who will work together to ensure that each community is operated according to Traditions Senior Living’s guidelines and standards for quality care, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

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